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I work in the delivery department of a well known retail store. I had been there three weeks and was getting the hang of everything and was comfortable with the meat slicer.

Customer(with her daughter): Can I see the bottom of that pastrami? I don’t want something with too much fat.

I showed her the bottom of the meat and with a nod of approval from her, she asked for 400 grams.

I was slicing away until I guessed I had reached 400. I placed the meat on our scale and was about to price it, when she saw the meat.

Customer: Can you remove those peices, there’s too much fat.

So I removed a few prices, but most of the prices had fat on them.

Me: They all have some fat on them.

Customer: Well can you cut it out, I’m not paying for fat.

Me: I’m sorry I don’t have the means to do that, let me ask another associate of she knows.

I asked my co-worker if we were allowed to trim off fat from meat, and she told the customer we never do that.

Customer: Well someone has done it for me before, and I want it done now.

I looked at her blankly.

Customer: Well then forget it, I’m not buying that. You should find a new job, because you’re not cut out for customer service.

I didn’t respond as she stormed off. Though the word bitch was on my tongue.

After awhile a manager came asking me what happened, with Customer behind her.

I told her everything and when I mentioned the customer wanted me to trim the fat off, my manager turned to the customer and said,’ Yeah we don’t do that.

Customer: Well someone has done it for me before.

Manager: Well whoever has done that will need to be figured out, because we won’t do that.

Customer walks away.

I got my first horrible customer, and I ended up getting brownie points because I didn’t backlask on the customer, and the customer looked like an idiot. In the end win- win!

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