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(I’m the person who submitted Having a Whine About the Wine, and for some reason I keep ending up with the mad stories at work. After a customer took a prepacked bag of cod fillets, I began clearing up for the night. Around half an hour later, a co-worker came up to the counter.)
Co-worker: Am I okay to put this back?
Me: *feeling the bag to check the fish is still cold* Yeah, you’re good. Stick it in that counter.
Co-worker: *putting the bag in the mobile counter* The customer decided she didn’t want it at the checkout.
Me: Oh. Well, that’s okay.
Co-worker: *heading back to the tills* She remembered she didn’t like fish!
(I was gaping and mouthing “how the hell can you forget that you don’t like fish?!” for at least fifteen minutes – before I realised I had actually served her: she’d taken two pieces of salmon as well!)

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