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(I tend to smile a lot at work. No real reason, I just consider keeping my and my colleague’s moods upbeat a part of the job. Unfortunately, on this particular day, there was a customer talking to a colleague of mine, hell-bent on trouble and unhappy because his kid’s fresh-cooked meal had taken 20-30 minutes to arrive)

Him: And what are you smirking at?

Me: What?

Him: You think it’s funny, do you?

Me: I … what do I think is funny?

Him: I can’t say I like your attitude!

Me: Uhhh, well I’m terribly sorry to have offended sir, I consider smiling a part of my job and certainly didn’t mean it as a personal slight towards you.

(He proceed to lodge a complaint with the manager against every member of staff on shift, and against the chef. Needless to say, our manager was bright enough to see nonsense for what it was)

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