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(I’m a cashier at a popular pizza chain. At our store, we have a dine-in restaurant; 1st and only dine-in under this particular pizza chain, as well as the takeout side. This took place on the phone)
ME: Ciao, thank you for calling *Pizza company name*, this is *my name* speaking. How may I help you?
CUSTOMER: I’d like to order some pizza
ME: Alright, can we start with your phone number?
CUSTOMER: Here’s some numbers for you: 1234567890!
ME:…your phone number please, sir.
CUSTOMER: Have you people ever heard of a thing called caller ID! *the call came from “UNKNOWN NAME”*
ME: Sorry, it says “UNKNOWN NAME”. Can I get your phone number so I can take your order?
ME: ?!?! Yes, we would love your business! Can I please get your phone number please!
ME: sir…can I please get your phone number so I can take your order.
*Customer finally gives me the phone number and we go through the order*
ME: Okay, so it’ll be about 20 minutes.
CUSTOMER: Make sure there’s lots of that f****** garlic dip there because I love that s***!

Refuses To Not Sweat The Sweater

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(While I am normally a cashier, at my store everyone works everywhere. I could be in the back, I could be a stock girl, I could be a cashier, I could work guest service counter, etc. Today I am working in the back because we got a HUGE delivery. Because it is always cold in the back, we are allowed to wear non-company sweaters over our uniforms. I get paged to get on cash so I grab my company jacket and get on a cash register.)

Me: “I can help whoever is next.”

Woman: “Are you wearing your uniform?”

(I look down and notice I forgot to zip up my uniform.)

Me: “Oh, yeah, sorry, I was in the back and—”

Woman: “Does your manager know you aren’t following company procedure?”

Me: “Well, yeah, she gave me permission to—”

Woman: “You know, when I worked here, I had respect for the store and its policies. Teenagers nowadays…”

(She droned on for so long that the rest of the line was dealt with by other cashiers. She eventually went and complained about me to guest services. I didn’t realize wearing a university sweater could be so insulting.)

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Let’s Paint This Town Three

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(I work at a place where we seat people according to coloured cards that they receive, which also have table numbers on them. The number of times I have had this exchange:)

Me: “What colour is your card?”

Customer: “Uh… fourteen?”

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From The Mouth Of Babes

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Our family went out for dinner one evening. As the waitress came to take our order, we could see that she looked like she was having a terrible day. She looked like she was completely exhausted and worn out. She took our orders and left, returning to the table shortly with our drinks orders. My nine-year-old son looked up, gave her a big smile, and said, “Awesome service!”

Her whole face lit up. From then on, we received VIP treatment, everything was perfect, she couldn’t do enough for us. We asked for her name and told her manager the service was great. Every time we went after that, we asked for her, and every time, we got amazing service and big smiles.

Sometimes just a kind word or two can make such a difference.

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This story took place a number of years ago, when Osama Bin Laden was still on the run.
I was shopping for groceries at a small local store that had the radio on instead of canned music.

Talk show host on radio: . . . let me tell you why Bin Laden hates America. It’s because he once had an American girlfriend and she told him he had a small penis!
Random grocery-shopping guy (in all seriousness): I KNEW IT! It’s his DICK!!
He ran up and down the aisles yelling this for several minutes, while everyone else just stared.