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12 Hilarious Stories About Customers Who Were So Clueless Employees Just Went With It

| Right | March 1, 2021

Dear readers,

Sometimes you will come across a customer who is so ignorant, so clueless, so completely disconnected from the realities of how the world works that, instead of wasting effort trying to explain, it is sometimes easier to just go with it.

We’ve rounded up twelve hilarious stories from our archives where the employees chose their battles and decided to just “go with it” when confronted with such customers:


Free Derange – It’s not common knowledge, but chickens are very obedient.

No Pancakes? How Waffle! – I don’t care what you call them; they’re just doughy vessels for butter and syrup.

In A Stupid Mood – This dollar bill is turning purple! That means you’re feeling extra stupid.

Bad Data, Good Outcome – Behind every idiot doing something weird is a tired tech support worker, apparently.

Cat-Nipped In The Bud – I tried to bathe my cat once after he got poop stuck to his fur. I still have scars.

If Half A Brain, Then Half Off – Whatever gets the money in the register and the customer out the door!

Identity TV Determined – You can have my autograph… for fifty bucks.

Demagnetized But Still Attracting Idiots – People this stupid shouldn’t have lines of credit.

A Complete Ba-SKET Case – However you pronounce it, it’s delicious and I want some now.

Fanny Whack – We’re concerned about the ethical implications of eating mermaids.

Demand A Battery Of Tests ASAP – Maybe I’m tired, but I just spent a stupid amount of time trying to figure out what “N.R.G.” stood for.

Rebuilding Frankenstein – Hits from the comments: “Proof that while reading does help you get smarter, it can only do so much…”


We hope you enjoyed this Choose-Your-Battles-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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