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The Gift Card That Keeps On Giving, Part 20

, , , , | Right | March 1, 2021

I am a front-end supervisor at a popular discount retail chain. I overhear my main cashier next to me having problems with a customer.

Customer: *Yelling* “I don’t understand! Why are you giving me a store credit for a gift I received?”

This is the second time this customer has yelled at my cashier, so I tell the cashier to move to my till to take care of the other customers in line.

Me: “Hello, I’m the supervisor. Can I look at your receipt?”

She hands me a gift receipt which is only valid for store credit.

Me: “Oh, okay! You see that this is a gift receipt? This is only valid for store credit. It’s because it doesn’t act as an actual receipt from the original buyer who used cash, debit, or credit for the original purchase.”

Customer: “I don’t want anything from this store, so give me cash or call your manager.”

I try as hard as possible to refrain from calling a manager just because they are going to give the same answer I have already provided.

Me: “I am the front-end supervisor and can assure you that nothing can be done from the gift receipt. If you contact the family member that gave it to you then they probably have the receipt and can return it for you.”

Customer: “Look. The person that gave this to me is someone I don’t like, and I do not want to contact them.” 

Me: “Okay.” 

I process the return normally and give her a store credit with the amount of the item that was returned.

Me: “Your store credit has $21.39 on it. It never expires, so if you don’t find a suitable replacement today, just keep it with you until next time. Thank you!”

The customer looked speechless and accepted the store credit after I processed it. Sometimes you have to ignore the anger and do the procedure anyway. She walked away and actually found a few items she wanted.

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