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(I’m a cart pusher at a popular grocery store in town. At the end of evening shifts, I usually buy something as a late-night snack. Tonight, it was pretty busy ten minutes before closing. We only had two cashiers left and they both had a long line of customers. I get into the express line with my snacks, which has about ten people in front of me. One of them has about thirty or forty items, well over the sixteen-item limit for express, in his cart and is getting annoyed and talking to himself.)

Customer: “Someone open another f***in’ register, Jesus Christ!”

(I thought nothing of that comment, since I see people frustrated with long lines all the time here. After a few seconds, I decide that the wait wasn’t worth it. I put the snacks back, clock out and go outside to wait for my dad, who’s still shopping inside. A few minutes later, my dad comes to the truck.

Me: “Pretty busy, eh?”

Dad: “Yeah, you should have seen one of the guys in front of me! He was yelling for someone to open another register and he chucked his cart aside on the way out!”

(I think I can guess who he was talking about.)