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(I’m the dumb customer in this story. The grocery store my Mom and I sometimes go to has a liquor section. Originally, you were allowed to pay for your alcohol and grocery purchases here. Except for today, there was a sign that said only alcohol purchases were to be made at this till. My Mom went off to find some alcohol purchases, while I was left with the cart. I was anxious for her to come back, because I’m at the register alone with the lady. I started unloading the groceries out of the cart to be helpful, when I’m told this:)

Cashier: Oh, I can only ring up alcohol purchases.

(My Mom came back, just as I was shown the sign. I told my Mom:)

Me: I was about to unload the cart, and I didn’t see the sign there.

Mom: The sign’s right there. (Literally, at the beginning of the till.)

(I’m not feeling well at the time, and I swear the cold has gone to my head. Plus, it didn’t help that the song “Take Me to Church” by Hozier was on. I f****** hate that song more than words can describe, so I was also distracted on my silent ranting of the song.)

Me: Oh, I didn’t see the sign there.

(I said that, thinking about the stories I read on here about how customers don’t see the signs. I admitted that I had a blonde moment, because of my cold. Though, my Mom didn’t blame me for starting to unload the groceries, since the till originally allowed you to do that. Now, skipping over to the Subway next door; my Mom and I went to pick up a few subs. My Mom said this:)

Mom: You can get the biggest sub and just have the second half later.

Me (thinking, before saying): How long are the biggest subs again?

Mom: Foot-long.

Me: Oh, right!

(I admitted once again that I was having increasing blonde moments today. The worker, a Pakistani man, who spoke fairly good English, questioned what I said, and my Mom’s reply was:)

Mom: She’s not quite awake yet.

(When she said that, I was just thinking, “No, I’m awake. My cold has just gone to my head.” Though, before we left the store, I went to grab drinks out of the cooler. I tried to grab for the handle that wasn’t even on that side of the cooler. After I told my Mom my third blonde moment, I thought to myself, “I shouldn’t go out, when I’m sick…)