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10 More Punny Stories To Groan Over And Share With Your Friends!

, | Right | January 14, 2022

Dear readers,

PUNS. They make us groan, they make us chortle and slap our knees, and they make language a lot more fun. We love puns around here (and our commenters do, too!), and even more than that, we love inflicting them on our readers!

Please enjoy these 10 pun-tacular stories from our archives, and be sure to leave some of your own in the comments!


I’ll Raise A Glass To That Pun! – The mark of a good pun is a response like this.

Death By Chocolate, Part 8 – We’d make an ice cream joke, but it’s too spoon.

Hammering Home The Dad Jokes – He has truly ascended to Peak Dad Status.

In The Zombie Apocalypse They Will Let You Down And Desert You – Hits from the comments: “That would make me cry, maybe even say goodbye.”

This Joke Only Has One Foot To Stand On – You have to have a good footing with your partner to make jokes like this.

Treating Depression With Tongue Firmly In Cheek – As my grandmother would say, “Bite your tongue!”

Dad Jokes Have No Temperature – This author’s pun game is sick.

A Bad Joke, No De-Nile – Hits from the comments: “Perhaps she had the Chinese flu? She’s sick and will be out Formosa the week.”

Stupid Jerk Humor – We love a joke with a boomerang effect.

Getting To The Heart Of The Story – We know you’d be heartbroken if we didn’t end this roundup with a dad joke!


We hope you enjoyed this Pun-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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