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12 Perfectly Punny Stories For International Joke Day!

| Right | July 1, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is International Joke Day! The oldest identified joke – an ancient Sumerian proverb featuring toilet humor – came about in 1900 BC. Shakespeare introduced the Knock-Knock joke in Macbeth in 1603. And humor has continued to expand and evolve ceaselessly, to the point where a meme featuring a YouTuber’s face edited onto a Shrek character and captioned simply, “E,” can send me into a heap of helpless giggles. (I admit, this likely says more about me than I’m ready to admit.)

Some say puns are the lowest form of humor. But we don’t care! In honor of International Joke Day, we’ve pulled twelve punny stories from our archives that will either have you groaning or laughing – we’ll take either one!


This Is A Bad Sine – Hits from the comments: “That conversation soon went off on a tangent…”

Tapped Into A Never-Ending Flow Of Puns – Hits from the comments: “Admit it, eds: the only reason you posted this story was so that you could write that title.” They’re onto us, boss!

Puns To Make You Go Dementor – Color me nerdy and amused.

Punning Across And Down – Hope you like these puns/ Also hope they make you mad/ That’s what puns are for

That Joke Fell B-Flat – We disagree with the author; there is never a bad time for puns!

Perfect Time For A Hun Pun – This joke is a real killer.

Something Was Lost From Mouth To Mouse – It’s always sad when a joke dies.

Lizards And Dragons And Beards, Oh My – This bad joke is worth waking up for!

Drawing Towards Dad Jokes – And on that day, he became a dad for real.

These Puns Are Criminal – Life goal: to get yourself a partner that appreciates (tolerates?) your puns.

And A Bottle Of Pun… – The best puns lead to song parodies!

Didn’t Go Eggsactly According To Plan – This is a scrambled and strange story just filled with eggciting puns to crack you up!


We hope you enjoyed this Pun-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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