Your Ability To Accept Help Is Useless

, , , | Right | March 9, 2021

I answer the phone, as I do hundreds of times a day. The caller sounds to be in her thirties or forties.

Me: “Good morning, [Business]; this is [My Name].”

Caller: *Silence*

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Oh… uh… Who is this?”

Me: “[My Name] at [Business].”

Caller: “Is this the assisted living place at [Hospital about twenty miles away]?”

Me: “No, this is [Business]. We’re not associated with [Hospital].”

Caller: “Oh… Can you transfer me to them?”

Me: “I’m sorry, no. We’re not associated with them. I have no way to do that. I could—”

Caller: “Well, you’re just no help at all!” *Hangs up*

I was going to offer to Google the correct number for them, but some people just can’t be helped.

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