When It’s Slow They’re Even Slower To Understand

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I work in a grocery store at the customer service desk. We have a checkout at the service desk, but it is usually reserved for customers who need something from the service desk — i.e. lotto tickets and cigarettes — to keep lines short and available to those who need our other services.

I am standing across the way talking to a coworker about our shoplifter policy when I notice a customer at the service desk.

Regular Customer: “Can I buy these two newspapers here?”

Me: “I suppose so, but just so you know, we usually reserve this desk for those who need something from customer service.”

Regular Customer: “Well, I’m just buying my two papers like I do every day.”

Me: “I know that, and that’s why I’ll do it for you this time.”

Regular Customer: “There’s nobody here, anyway. You’re just standing around gossiping and doing nothing! I’m not going to stand in line for fifteen minutes while you talk!”

Me: “I just can’t have a long line at the desk, because those who actually need my services won’t be able to get them if I have lots of people checking out.”

Regular Customer: “Well, when it’s slow, you could be doing it.”

Me: “Sir, I can’t change policy based on how slow the store is.”

Regular Customer: “Whatever! I’ll talk to [Store Director] about it!” *Storms out*

I was angry but it was quite funny to see him threaten me when I knew the director would do nothing as he hadn’t and wouldn’t be back to work anytime soon! He had been out for two months for surgery at this point.

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