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Watching And Swatching

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(We have a makeup section at my store and, like most places that sell drugstore makeup, we don’t have testers for the products. I know it’s hard trying to find the right shade, but it’s important we don’t let customers swatch products because A, it’s incredibly unhygienic — especially considering how many adult women don’t wash their hands — and B, nobody wants to get home and find out the makeup they bought was used. I am putting away freight when I notice a woman opening up makeup boxes that even have a special tag on them to try and prevent people from opening up the products. She is swatching different products and I am standing by waiting to assess the situation and see what now needs to be damaged. She walks away and I go over to the display when the woman suddenly appears again.)

Customer: “I didn’t open that box.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, if you didn’t, but I need to check these products out.”

Customer: “Well, you know what? I don’t like the feeling of being watched. I guess I’m going to have to go to [Competitor] now.”

(She tossed a product at me and left. I don’t know if she thought that upset me, because it was a $3 blush, so it wasn’t like she would spending a lot with us, anyway. Also, the competitor is known for being a favorite among white trash people, and I know the makeup department there is pretty gross because people keep trying out the products. And if you don’t like the feeling of being watched, then maybe don’t do something that warrants it.)

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