The Tablet Book Of Death

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(I am covering a break in electronics. A woman approaches with a question about a tablet.)

Customer: “Are you able to help me with my email on here?”

Me: “I’ll try my best, but I normally work in beauty and am just over here covering a break.”

Customer: “Well, I have too many emails in my inbox and now I’ve stopped being able to receive any more. I don’t want to have to manually delete 2,000+ emails. Do you think you can help me?”

Me: “I know typically the keyboard command ‘Control’ and ‘A’ will delete around 100 emails at a time. It will still take you a while but at least you won’t have to do each one individually.”

Customer: “How would I do that?”

Me: “You would bring up your keyboard while in your email.”

Customer: “I don’t know how to do that.”

Me: “Well, what type of tablet do you have? I have a Kindle and am somewhat familiar with iPads, so I should be able to figure it out.”

Customer: “Oh, I didn’t buy it here. I bought it off [TV Shopping Network] years ago.”

Me: “Then, I’m sorry, but I won’t know how to work it. Besides, I’m not sure if I can even work on something we didn’t sell because if something happens then we can’t really offer anything to you.”

Customer: “Well, the one electronics guy always helps me. The tall, skinny one.”

Me: “Ma’am, that literally describes every single guy that works in electronics. Does he have long hair? Piercings? Tattoos? That way I can kind of tell if the one you are thinking of is working today.”

Customer: “No, sorry, I just know he’s tall and skinny. So, there’s nothing you can do?”

Me: “Honestly, ma’am, your best bet is to try and go to a public library if you don’t have a computer at home. They can help you pretty much step for step and will know more than me, probably.”

Customer: “Okay, thanks.”

(Later on, the electronics guy comes back and I ask him what he would have told her.)

Coworker: “Honestly, I don’t know if I could have helped her, either, especially because she doesn’t even know how to bring up her keyboard. The fact that it’s a five-year-old product from [TV Shopping Network] means it’s more than likely a piece of junk that will need replacing soon. I’m glad I was on my break when she came.”

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