Using His Brain Is A One-Time Thing

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(A customer comes in with a coupon we are running that allows them to buy six bagels and get six free. We have some specialty bagels that are not covered under the coupon and add 55 cents more a piece to the final total.)

Customer: “Hi, I’d like to do this deal.” *shows me the coupon*

Me: “Great. Have you been here before, and do you know that the specialty bagels are 55 cents more?”

Customer: “55 cents? No problem.”

(The customer picks ten specialty bagels and two regular bagels. If he had picked all regular bagels the total would have been $6.60.)

Me: “All right, your total is $11.50.”

Customer: “What?! I thought it would be like $7.”

Me: “Well, yeah, but you got ten specialty bagels and I explained that there was a cost increase.”

Customer: “$7 plus 55 cents does not equal more than $11!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, maybe I didn’t explain it properly; they are 55 cents more each.”

Customer: “I thought it was just a one-time fee of 55 cents.”

(Sadly, one of the owners was there and told me to charge the specialty bagels at the regular price so it was $6.60. The same customer has pretended to misunderstand that explanation several times now and I have learned my lesson to say that the upcharge is for each bagel, not a one-time fee.)

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