Tow-tally Assuming

, , , , | Working | July 6, 2018

(I’m looking for a tow vehicle, just to pull my horse trailer to shows. I write an email to a used car dealership with my budget and my towing capacity needs, saying I need to seat four and that I either need a cab on a truck or a heavy-duty SUV. I get a reply back saying they have something that would suit my needs. I get there and shake hands with the salesperson, and I’m lead out to a surprisingly small SUV. Before I can even look at it, the salesperson insists I get in, and he turns on the radio.)

Salesperson: “You hear that?! This has an amazing sound system!”

Me: “Okay… I really don’t care about that.”

Salesperson: “And plenty of room for car seats in the back!”

Me: “I don’t have kids.”

(At this point, I walk around and realize the SUV doesn’t have a towing hitch at all.)

Me: “You know I can’t tow with this?”

Salesperson: “Oh, you don’t need that! You need to learn to treat you, not what your husband wants. Here, listen to this sound system.”

(I turned on my heels and left, and ranted to my brother that night. The next day he went to the same dealership with my list and was shown several tow-ready trucks and SUVs. I ended up writing a bad review on their Facebook page and got a call back. The salesperson was initially apologetic on the phone, but then said he knew I wasn’t buying that day until I ran it by my husband. I replied that I wasn’t married, but my brother was, and HIS husband would never control him like that. The salesperson hung up on me.)

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