It’s My Day Off So Truck Off

, , , , | Working | July 6, 2018

(I work at a fast food restaurant located in a large department store. We have a larger sister store across town with whom we share certain employees. We have a group of teenage boys who usually come over on delivery days to receive the order from the truck and stock everything in our stockroom and freezer. Today is a delivery day. One of the boys is off this day and has come in to order his lunch. I take his order and turn to make his drink when my boss comes around the corner.)

Boss: “[Boy]! What are you doing here? The truck is pulling in; I need you to get to the back.”

Boy: “Um, but why, though?”

Boss: “Because you’re just so special… Okay, enough joking around. Get to the back.”

Boy: “But why, though?”

Boss: “Because the truck is here!”

Boy: “But why do I have to go?”

Boss: “Because the truck is here and it needs to be unloaded.”

Boy: “Yeah, but why me?”

Boss: “Because! That’s what you’re bein’ paid to do! Now stop fooling around and get to the back. Take the keys and get going!”

Boy: “But… but why me?”

Boss: “Because…”

Me: “Hey, [Boy], your order is ready. Enjoy your day off.”

Boss: “Oh… You aren’t working today?”

Boy: “No! I’m just here for lunch.”

Boss: “Oh, my gosh, I am so sorry! Well, better let the rest of the staff know not to come to [Location] when [Boss] is working. He’ll put you right to work!”

(The other boys showed up right about then and we all had a good laugh. The boy got a free ice cream for his trouble.)

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