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This Gives Us The Heebies AND The Jeebies

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I worked at a department store on the second floor. In most stores in this chain, this is the women’s floor. I worked full-time and took part-time classes. I was always working.

A particular sixty-year-old dude took my customer service friendliness as “flirting” and did not stop bothering me. He would come to my department almost every day. Coworkers said he’d be looking for me. He was so creepy. He kept giving me his phone number; I would fake smile and slip it in the trash.

I told him I had a boyfriend, though I didn’t, but he didn’t care. He wanted to take me out to lunch, discuss my future, etc. I kept telling him I wasn’t interested. He was always buying small things like a belt, tie, or shirt, and then coming to return them the next day, so it’s not like he was helping my sales goals, either.

I told my manager about it, and she told me to call her when I saw him. It’s a big store, though, so by the time she would get there, he would be gone.

One time, I was closing up three departments thanks to callouts and this dude showed up. I just wanted to hurry up and go through with the transaction. I was in such a rush that I forgot to take the sensor off his shirt. He came back.

Man: “You forgot to take this off.”

Me: “Oh, sorry.”

As I was reaching to take the sensor off, he slapped my hand and smiled this creepy-a** grin.

Man: “Naughty girl!”

I was horrified. I went to security.

Me: “Please get rid of that guy. I’m afraid to drive home! I don’t know if this loser is going to follow me.”

So, one day, I was at my register, and I saw him strolling up. I called security and darted to hide. He went up to my coworker and asked where I was; she said I’d be right back. Instead, security showed up and led him away.

Thankfully, I never saw him again. THANK YOU, SECURITY TEAM!

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