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To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due, Part 4

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My work requires me to travel to the UK quite often. The first time, I go alone, but the second time, my husband and kid go with me. We live in a small town. Since I have to go to work, and we love to travel on weekends, we agree that he will do the grocery shopping during the week.

On his first shopping trip, he buys rice from a supermarket. It’s not the kind we eat regularly; it’s somewhat odd tasting. Since that’s our staple, he has bought five packets of one kilo each and there is no way we can use it.

Back in my home country, the return policies are very strict. They don’t take back anything opened. Even if it is unopened, we need to give a strong reason and the only option is store credit. We both decide that we’ll take it back to the supermarket and try to return at least the unopened packets. We also have the receipts with us.

Me: “Hey, we bought this rice here and would like to return it, if it’s okay.”

Helpdesk Rep: “Was something wrong with it?”

Me: “Not sure; it tastes bad. Maybe we cooked it wrong?”

Helpdesk Rep: “Looks like it; this rice is for Italian cooking. It is high in starch content. May not be for your style of cooking. You may want to buy something light and long grain.”

Husband: “Oops! My bad, then! I am the one who bought it without asking any of you.”

Helpdesk Rep: “No problem, sir. Since you have the receipts with you, I can refund your money for the four unopened packets. And for the opened packet—”

Me: “Oh! No, don’t bother about it if you can’t refund it. It’s okay. I am just glad that you are taking the four packs back. I’d have hated to throw food away and waste money.”

Helpdesk Rep: “No, actually, I was going to say that I can give you store credit for that packet. It’s okay if it is opened.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Helpdesk Rep: “Yep, that’s possible.”

Husband: “Wow, you guys are awesome!”

Helpdesk Rep: “Well, here I was wondering if you’d oppose a store credit.”

Husband: “Oh, no, why would we when it is our fault?! We are coming back here for sure to use the credit!”

The transaction went smoothly and the staff there helped us pick the right kind of rice we wanted. My husband became a regular there and knew many of the staff. My daughter had some great shopping trips there. He made sure to bid them all a goodbye when we were leaving the UK.

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