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They Need To Renovate Their Expectations

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I renovate furniture as a hobby. Most of the time, I intend to use it for my house, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out as I expect or, more often, it takes me so long to finish, I no longer need it.

I have had some good luck selling furniture. I get what I spent on it and sometimes a little more. As I say, it’s a hobby, so I’m not making massive amounts.

I find a table being sold for cheap. I message the woman selling it and pick it up. I rub it down and start the repairs. I have it sat to one side ready for painting when I get a message from the same woman.

Woman: “I need the table back; my sister wants it now.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I’ve begun repairing it and it won’t look very good without a paint.”

Woman: “Well, how long will that take?”

Red flags appear, but she may have seen the renovated furniture I sell online.

Me: “A week or so, but I’ve not decided if I want to sell it yet.”

Woman: “I will message you in a week.”

A week goes by, the table is finished, and I am pretty happy with my handiwork. I’m not sure what to do with it yet, but if I could get a good price, I would part with it. Exactly a week to the day, the woman messages me again.

Woman: “Have you finished my table yet?”

Me: “I have finished the table you sold me, and I think I might be okay with selling it for the right price.”

I attach photos.

Woman: “I will pay you [the same I paid her].”

Me: “Sorry, but no. It cost me money to repair and paint it. If you want it, you will have to give me a fair price.”

Woman: “But it’s my table!”

Me: “I’ve decided not to sell. Thank you for your interest, but we have nothing more to discuss.”

I closed the conversation and listed the table for a reasonable price. I got many, many messages from her, from bargaining to threats, but none wanting to pay me what I’m worth.

I sold the table the very next day to another very happy woman. I decide to take a bit of a break in renovation, but I hope to get back to it soon.

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