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The Wig Woman Is Wigging Everyone Out

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: mstarrbrannigan | October 17, 2021

I work in a hotel. The other day, a girl stayed here, smoked in a nonsmoking room, and left a bunch of drug baggies in the toilet. Obviously, her card declined for the smoking fee because they always do.

She came by the next day, and the first thing I noticed about her was the terrible wig she was wearing. It was so bad it was distracting. It was like the Rachel haircut from “Friends,” but completely straight and black and purple.

But that’s not the point. She said she’d left a very expensive wig in her room. We didn’t find it, so she asked to check herself, she asked for them to go check again, and then she asked me to check. Eventually, I did, and there was no wig.

After that, we figured we were done with her because, after the condition she’d left her room in, she was on the do-not-rent list. Then, today as the head housekeeper was checking to see what rooms were done, she was surprised to find someone in a room that had been checked out of hours before. That someone was none other than the woman with the wig. She claimed to be there because her friends were staying at the hotel, though she didn’t say why she was occupying a vacant room.

For some reason, she was not smart enough to leave immediately when the head housekeeper found her, because she was still up there. The boss told her off and got her out of the room.

Back at the desk, he checked the cameras to see where she went after he kicked her out and saw her walk a couple of doors down the hall to another room. He went to kick her out of there, too. While he was on his way to the room, I watched on the camera as she went back to the first room he’d bounced her from — and apparently hadn’t completely closed the door of — and then go back to the new room.

I couldn’t hear them, but apparently, as he threw her out, she accused him of being the rudest person she’d ever met, as well as a pedophile. Then, she told him to go back to his country, so he’s now got three punches on his “Go Back To Your Country” card, which is fun. His country is New Jersey, by the way.

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