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The Drama Queens Aren’t Just On The Stage

, , , , | Friendly | June 15, 2016

(I am a lover of musical theater but don’t exactly have the income to see many shows that tour through. I saved up for these tickets so I could get good seats and manage to get fourth row, center orchestra. Unfortunately, I am seated next to three women twice my age who can’t find it in themselves to be quiet, even when the overture starts. One, in particular, is the loudest.)

Characters On Stage: *singing and dancing*

Woman: “Oh, my God! What is that over there? What are they singing about? What’s going on? I’m lost!”

(This goes on every few minutes, usually after scenes or during songs, until the Act One closing song. Intermission starts.)

Woman: *to her friends* “Oh, my God, I want to be [Female Lead Character]!”

(I’m unable to take it anymore.)

Me: “Then get on stage and start singing. You talked over her the entire first half, anyway! You won’t need a mic, either.”

(Thankfully, she shut up for the second act, but she switched seats with her friends to get as far from me as possible and kept tossing me ugly looks the rest of the show. The ironic thing is that in the row in front of me was a seven-year-old boy and he didn’t make a peep or wiggle or anything. I guess age really is a state of mind!)

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