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22 Fun Stories About Musical Theater That Will Have You Dancing In The Aisles!

| Right | July 18, 2020

Dear readers,

Musical theater has delighted audiences for hundreds of years, touching hearts and covering every subject you could think of from America’s Founding Fathers to high school drama to alley cats to Spongebob Squarepants.

In recent times, performers, stage crew, techs, and all the people who bring musicals to life have been stuck twiddling their thumbs. For community theater performers, this means a loss of a creative outlet; for professionals, the loss of their livelihood.

Everyone knows that the theater attracts weirdness, whether you’re onstage, backstage, in the tech booth, or in the audience. Whether you’re busy singing the alto part of “One Normal Night” (The Addams Family musical) on repeat, watching Hamilton for the sixth time this week, or just rolling your eyes about those nerdy Theater Kids, we hope these 22 musical theater stories bring you a smile!


The Drama Queens Aren’t Just On The Stage – This woman is headed straight for Shepherd Book’s Special Hell.

Not An Inch More Room To Self-Destruct – Sometimes your theater nerd side rears its ugly head at the best/worst time.

Hamilton-And-On-And-On – Hamilton has begun permeating all aspects of everyday life — including high schools!

Can Come Up With Puns In Your Sleep – Some musicals aren’t that exciting; this one will just put you right to sleep!

Worst Possible Service – Why do we even have that option?

Rent Is More Important – Some people eat, sleep, and breathe theater. Nerds.

Should Have Inquired Down Another Avenue – Bringing you classic hits like Schadenfreude and The Internet Is For Porn!

Bat On The Roof – We wonder what would happen if this theater put on Bat Boy: The Musical.

Piano No No – The secret to theater safety is communication!

No Chance Of Defying Gravity Just you and I… defying logic.

Something Has Changed Within Me – You can’t stop the beat, and you can’t stop your inner theater geek.

Theater Lovers, Avert Your Eyes! – The Special Hell is getting awfully crowded…

Smarty Pants – There is seriously a musical theater song for all occasions.

Hamilton: The School Musical – Even middle school isn’t safe from Hamilton-mania!

They Couldn’t A-Ford Him – This high school theater department has a bigger budget than that school from Glee!

Sir-viving – Sometimes theater brings out the best in people.

Don’t You Hear ’em Chime? – There’s a fine, fine line between theater and real life.

I Smell Time Warp Trouble – Nobody throws a party like theater kids, and none so big as a Rocky Horror party!

Your Repo Needs No Redo – What chance has a seventeen-year-old girl…

Won’t Be A Jersey Boy Anymore – Nothing like a good earworm to drive you crazy!

Right State, Wrong Situation – Honestly, we’re surprised Jersey Shore: The Musical isn’t a thing yet.

Getting To The Root Of The Problem – And people think blondes have a monopoly on stupidity…


We hope you enjoyed this musical-theater-themed roundup! Any stories we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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