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That Must Be How They Transport The Aliens

, , , | Legal | October 6, 2021

I was driving to visit my relatives, and I happened to be behind a military-looking truck. I didn’t really pay it much mind, but I was behind them all day. That night, I stopped at a hotel.

The next day, I got on the road again… same truck. It pulled off the highway, and a few hours later, I stopped to get gas. When I was on the highway again, it was back. I drove behind it for a while.

Once more, I stopped for the night. The next day, I was behind the same truck again! Suddenly, there were some flashing lights behind me. I pulled over and the sheriffs got out of their car.

Sheriff: *Demanding* “Who are you and what is your destination?”

I was pretty nervous, but I gave them my name and destination.

Sheriff: “What is your purpose for following that truck?”

Me: “Coincidence?”

They still seemed suspicious.

Me: “Look. I’m just going to visit my relatives. I keep seeing the truck, and I don’t like going faster than the speed limit, and that truck is also going the speed limit… so is it really that surprising that I’m behind them most of the day?”

They still seemed suspicious. They actually had me call my grandma on my cell phone and confirm her address before they let me go. They also let me off with a stern warning to stay away from that truck.

I didn’t see the truck again the rest of the trip.