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An Improved Reading Experience

| Right | February 24, 2020

Hi readers,

Starting today, you may notice that our long-standing story format has had some slight changes. Don’t panic — this updated format will only be effective for stories published this week, from February 24th to March 1st.

We believe this new format will improve the reading experience, but we’d rather hear what y’all think. Next Monday, March 2nd, there will be a short survey made available for everyone to submit their feedback.

Thanks for the support!


Help Us Improve Not Always Right

| Right | October 22, 2019

Dear loyal readers,

We’re trying to find ways to improve your experience here at Not Always Right, and are considering some exciting changes to our website.

We’d like to invite a small group of readers to take part in a short test of our website redesign.

If you’re interested in having your voice heard, please fill out a short survey here.

If selected, we’ll reach out with more details on how to participate in the test.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

-The NAR Team

Thank you to everyone that was able to complete the survey and/or submit feedback through the comments section. We received a lot more responses than anticipated, and are taking extra time to go through all of them.

It’s become clear that we need to do a better job with when and how we communicate, and also establish a clearer presence around the site. This is something we’ll be looking to address in the near future.

Meanwhile, we’re aiming to send details for the website redesign test by the middle of next week. Due to the number of responses, we won’t be able to notify everyone that wasn’t selected. But your completion of the survey has been immensely helpful.

Select Your 2018 Favorite Story!

, | Friendly Healthy Learning Legal Related Right Romantic Working | January 2, 2019

Dear Readers!

Welcome to 2019!  We’ll be making a whole bunch of posts highlighting the NotAlwaysRight year in review.

We’d like the help of you, our dedicated readers, to pick out the Reader Favorites of 2018.

Please leave suggestions and recommendations in the comments to this post. If you can’t remember the title or can’t find the link, a brief description of the story will do. Don’t worry, we will find it and consider it for the review of our readers’ favorites of 2018.

We look forward to seeing what you choose!

Happy New Year!

The Editors

Halloween Roundup!

, | Right | October 31, 2017

Welcome to the second of our Halloween roundups, (the first is found here) and revel in the bloodcurdling experiences only possible when you’re forced to spend the spooky holiday season with an idiot. Ignorance can be truly terrifying:

Let us know what your favorite Halloween story is by voting at the bottom (pick your top three)!

We Ain’t Got Jack – see what happens when you want to buy the most popular Halloween costume… on Halloween.

Putting The Situation On To A Knife-Edge – don’t try to rob a Halloween store; you’re not the scariest thing you’ve seen that day.

Ghosts Of Halloween’s Past – sorry, not sorry.

Number Of The Beastly Coincidences – a $6.66 receipt on Halloween – coincidence?

We’re Not Clownin’ Around – don’t clown around with the cops.

He Is Twice The Man – it takes twice the man to put on a smile.

Trick And/Or Treat – when a teacher accepts the inevitability of what happens to their house on Halloween.

More Leftovers, Less Landfill – because Pumpkin Spice can never… ever… die.

Maid Of Scary Stuff – nothing is scarier than a sexy French maid.

Conscience: We Loves It – their Halloween is going to be much more interesting than yours.

So Fly Me To Home, Where The Samurai Gnome – Samurais meet Gnomes at 30,000 ft.

Numbers Don’t Lie – it’s never suspicious buying 36 eggs at Halloween.

So Scary It Keeps You ‘Up All Night’ – because you don’t know you’re terrifying.

Turn That Arrrrr Into An Awww – a parrot is for life, not just for Halloween.

My Pet Halloween Project – …and so is a cat.

I Can Be Anything I Want –  you’re never too young to have a dream.

You’d Have To Literally Turn Those Numbers Around – Jason can’t celebrate both, no matter how hard you try.

The Wedding Before The Nightmare Before Christmas – because “I do” love Halloween.

Demonizing Your Coworkers – all it takes is a mask.


Happy Halloween to all of our readers — alive or undead!


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Holiday Roundup: Halloween Is The Devil

, | Right | October 27, 2017

Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood. To terrorize y’all’s neighborhood. But that’s enough Thriller. Instead, enjoy this roundup of Halloween themed stories where the general consensus is that if you celebrate the spooky holiday, you’ll have the Devil to pay…

Driving Down Route 66(6) – even the devil needs a place to buy gas and beer.

The Costumer Is Always Right – because if you practise Voodoo you obviously hate Jesus.

We Wish You A Merry Saturnalia – see what happens when you forget that Halloween and Christmas come from the same place.

The Pope Might Have Something To Say About That – or maybe it’s a Christian holiday after all?

All Judgments Are Final – once a store sells Halloween goods then it’s tainted forever.