So Fly Me To Home, Where The Samurai Gnome

| Working | October 14, 2014

(I’m taking a short flight from Philly to Pittsburgh to visit my girlfriend. The flight is on Halloween, and we’re going straight from the airport to the party and so I’m already dressed in my outfit. I’m dressed as an elaborate Samurai. Despite my somewhat bizarre dress, I don’t encounter any resistance going through airport security until I’m boarding the plane itself when suddenly…)

Stewardess #1: “Oh… oh. One second.”

(She runs off, seeming somewhat flustered, but soon comes back holding a tiny toy treasure gnome.)

Stewardess #1: “Would you mind if we took your picture with our travel gnome?”

Me: “Uh… no. Not at all. Go right ahead.”

Stewardess #1: “Yay!”

(Three stewardesses gather around while I hold up their ‘travel gnome’ and another one takes a picture of all of us. Apparently one of them had seen the movie ‘Amélie’ and gotten a toy gnome to be their plane mascot. I was the only one in costume on the whole flight, and they had to get a picture with the Samurai.)

Stewardess #2: *after I’m seated* “Thank you so much for that. Can I get you a free drink?”

Me: “Oh, no, that’s okay.”

Stewardess #2: “No, you don’t understand. Our plane LOVES our travel gnome. I’d love to get you a drink on the house.”

Me: “Oh. Well, in that case, a rum and coke, maybe?”

Stewardess #2: “Absolutely!”

(And so for playing with the gnome I got a free drink to help pass the short plane ride.)

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