So Scary It Keeps You ‘Up All Night’

| Learning | December 9, 2013

(It is Halloween. Everyone is chattering excitedly. My English teacher waves to quiet us down. There is a journaling prompt on the board: ‘Write about something that scares you.’)

Teacher: “So, what did you guys write in your journals? What scares you guys?”

(A few people respond but most of us are silent.)

Teacher: “Let me see if I can give you some inspiration.”

(She then proceeds to pull up a photo of a scary clown. No one says anything.)

Teacher: “No? How about this?”

(She then pulls up a photo from ‘The Shining’ of the man sticking his head through the hole in the wall. Still it is silent.)

Teacher: “Really? Nobody? Okay. Last one.”

(The final image is an image of One Direction. Most of the students are boys or tomboyish girls.)

Class: *screams*

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