That Tabled That Discussion, Part 5

, , , | Working | October 2, 2019

(I’m a busser; my job is to bus tables. It is very busy, and sometimes people want to chit chat, so I say good morning and smile but politely excuse myself. The general manager watches me like a hawk about to dive and then later, after service, calls me into his office.)

General Manager: “So, I noticed that you were bussing tables and not chatting!”

Me: “Yes, that is my title.”

General Manager: “You must be friendly!”

Me: “I was friendly; I smiled at them and said good morning.”

General Manager: “No, I mean chat and schmooze with them.”

Me: “Sorry, but isn’t my job to bus tables?”

General Manager: “Yes, it is!”

Me: “And that was what I did?”

General Manager: *pause* “Anyway, next time, I want you to talk to the customers! Customers come first, tables second!”

(There was no next time. I found a job that expected me to do my job. Oh, and the other bussers were bussing, too, so I don’t know why he chose me. Maybe because I was new, I guess.)

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