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That Tabled That Discussion

| Friendly | April 18, 2016

(I take my young sons to the coffee shop after school. While waiting for a place to sit, we stand next to two girls occupying a four-seat table, homework spread out. My ten-year-old son is keenly observing the table.)

Ten-Year-Old Son: *looks at the girls’ work* “Don’t get mad, but your answers are wrong. I’m sorry I looked.”

(This not being an odd occurrence, I think “oh, this is gonna be fun.” I turn my back and eavesdrop. Bad mom, I know.)

Girl #1: “It’s eighth-grade math. What are you, sixth grade?”

Ten-Year-Old Son: “Fifth grade.”

Girl #2: “Let’s see you do our homework.”

Ten-Year-Old Son: “Okay. I’ll do your homework; you give up your table?”

Girl #1: “Deal!”

(My son solved three pages of math problems in about five minutes.)

Girl #1: “Holy cow! Two hours we tried! Do you have superpowers?”

Ten-Year-Old Son: “No, I have Asperger’s.”

(And just like that, our little mathemagician got us a table.)

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