Sometimes Life Gives You Lemons

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My wife has two cats, and they are very well taken care of. We often joke that they eat better than us some days and more often, it’s not really a joke.

My wife sometimes makes bone broth from whatever chicken bones are left after meals and adds it to the cats’ food. For those who have never made or seen bone broth, it is a light yellow, slightly cloudy liquid. We also have a number of fruit trees on our property, including a Meyer lemon tree; we often juice the lemons and store it. That’s also a light yellow, slightly cloudy liquid.

One day, after making the cat’s food — before the second cat was adopted — my wife notices he isn’t eating his dinner. 

Wife: “He’s probably just being a cat. He’ll get hungry and eat it eventually.”

It wasn’t until late that night, food still untouched, that my wife realized she had not poured bone broth over the food, but lemon juice. To this day, she still gives me a look of death when I call the cat a sour puss.

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