So Cheap They Can’t Even Pay Attention

, , , | Working | May 10, 2020

We get four weeks of paid vacation leave every year. One of my coworkers always puts in for time off during school breaks, including over Christmas. Our manager doesn’t pay attention to how much time off she gets but realises just as he’s about to take his leave that he authorised her time off even though she no longer had any leave time left. He gives her the choice of going without pay or not having the break. He also authorised it for when he was away, leaving us short-handed. 

I get a phone call from the coworker.

Coworker: “I got short paid this week. Can you find out why?”

Me: “You are on vacation without pay; [Manager] told you.”

Coworker: *Shrilly* “What do you mean, ‘without pay’? I need to get paid my holiday pay.”

Me: “You’ve used up all of your paid holiday time. [Manager] told you and you agreed that you would take the rest of this break without pay.”

Coworker: “I don’t remember him saying that. I need my pay.”

Me: “I was there when he told you. You’ve already taken four weeks off this year and then you’re taking the next two weeks off, as well. You don’t get paid for them.”

Coworker: “That’s not fair! I need to be paid!”

Me: “You’ll need to talk to [Manager] when he gets back in three weeks.”

Coworker: “THREE WEEKS?”

Me: “Yep. Bye. I have to go.”

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