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Coworkers That Make You Want To Croak

, , , , , | Working | May 11, 2020

I have just worked all weekend even though I was sick because I didn’t want to ruin others’ weekends off. By Monday, I can barely talk, my chest hurts, and I even pulled a groin muscle from coughing. I call in to get my afternoon shift covered.  

My doctor takes one look at me and can see how sick I am. After taking vitals, he gives me a certificate to have two days off with orders to visit him on the third day, which is my day off anyway.

I text my manager to let her know what is going on but still ring in to let her know I texted. A coworker answers.

Me: *With a croaking voice* “Hi, [Coworker], it’s [My Name].”

Coworker: “[My Name], I heard you were sick. You know, I feel sick, too, and I still came in.” 

I’m barely able to get words out.

Me: “I just worked all weekend sick. Can you tell [Manager] that I just sent her a message because I can barely talk.”

Coworker: “FINE!” *Hangs up*

Me: “B****.”

This woman constantly calls in sick; in fact, she’s got no paid sick leave days left. I haven’t had a sick day in well over a year.

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