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Snobbery Meets Buffoonery

, , , | Right | June 18, 2021

I am in a lovely family-owned restaurant we frequently visit. The restaurant is very good and it is almost impossible to get a table without a reservation. They’re just that good. The service and food are excellent and though it’s not snobbish, it has a nice setting. The owner himself greets you and gets you seated. If he’s not there his daughter and co-owner does the greeting. All regulars know this.

We are sitting near the entrance on a day the young woman greets the guests and we witness the following exchange.

A very snotty-looking young couple walks in, noses up, looking around for a table. The daughter greets them and asks for their reservation. The man looks down his nose at her.

Man: “We don’t need reservations. We are here all the time, and we know the owner. Just seat us already.”

The friendly face of the woman drops. She replies shortly.

Owner’s Daughter: “That’s a lie and you need to leave now.”

The man gets all flustered and puffed:

Man: “How dare y—”

She interrupts him harshly.

Owner’s Daughter: “I’m gonna stop you right now! I am the owner! The co-owner is my dad! One of us is always here and I’ve never seen you here before, nor have I ever heard my dad telling me of anybody just getting a table! Now, out! We don’t serve liars and cheapskates!

The man turned red as a tomato. The regulars around him listening in had started snickering at this point. He stormed out of the door. I really love it when such snobs get stopped right away.

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