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Should Have Logged That One First

, , , , | Right | June 18, 2021

I have just been transferred a customer. I have verified her username, done the two-step procedure to link the online profile to the account, and confirmed on my end that the link is complete.

Me: “Okay, I’ve linked that username to your account, all you need to do is—”

Caller: *Interrupts* “Log out and log back in?”

Me: “Exactly. Let me know when you have logged back in.”

Caller: “Okay, I’m back in.”

Me: “Click ‘My Account’ in the upper right corner and you should now see a link in the dropdown menu that says ‘Invoices and Account Balance’.”

This is the quickest way to have the customer confirm that the manual link is successful, because it only requires clicking one link.

Caller: “No, it’s not there.”

This is unusual because I can see it on her user profile. There is an alternate procedure that we can use to achieve the same result; it just takes longer, and I decide to try that before calling IT to report the issue.

Me: “I’m sorry. Let me try to link you up another way. Can you hold for one minute?”

Caller: “Sure.”

I put her on hold and perform the alternate procedure, then recheck her user profile and see it’s been linked.

Me: *Takes the caller off hold* “Okay, go ahead and log out again and then back in, and let me know when you’re back in.”

Caller: “Okay, I’m in.”

Me: “Click ‘My Account’ in the upper right corner and see if the ‘Invoices and Account Balance’ link is in the dropdown menu.”

Caller: “No, it’s not there.”

Me: “Let me just double-check, it is the [Username] that you’re logging into, correct?”

Caller: “Yes, it is.”

Me: “I am so sorry, it should be there. Let me just ask a couple of questions and then get this reported to our IT team…”

Caller: “Do you think I should try logging out and logging back in instead of just closing the browser tab?”

Me: “…”

Me: “Yes.”

When she actually logged out and back in, it was there.

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