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The 28 Highest Voted Stories Of 2021 – As Chosen By Our Readers!

| Right | December 22, 2021

Dear readers,

Let’s face it. 2021 was not the great cleansing hope we all wanted after 2020. But we still managed to have a little fun! You, our fine readers, sent us thousands of funny, bewildering, and relatable stories this year, and we’re here to take a look back at some of the best! For this roundup, we looked to you for your favorites, as indicated by all the times you’ve hit that fancy up arrow button at the bottom of each post. (Never tried it before? Give it a try with this post! You’ll love it, we promise!) And, as an added bonus, we’re featuring our favorite Hits From The Comments by our readers as the captions for all the stories today!

Please enjoy these 28 top stories of 2021 as voted on by you, our readers! These stories are presented from lowest to highest votes, so be sure to stick around for the best ones at the end!


This Is One Scrambled Scam – “That’s a way to put egg on their face.”

Out Of Uniform And Out Of Line – “So I guess that sign is a military variant on ‘no shirt, no shoes – no service’?”

No One Messes With My Sister But Me – “That’s not a tear, I just have some mimosa in my eye.”

Talking To The Big Cheese – “It was a good gouda pizza.”

Fighting Stupid With Stupid – “This watered my plants and cleared up my acne. Thank you, OP.”

What In The Audacious, Entitled, Rude-A** Heck Is This Bulls***?! – “So entitled customer demands soup, ends up getting into it.”

Taking Ownership Of Your Job – “He may have a lot on his plate, but he does a great job.”

You Say, “I Do,” I Say, “Neigh!” – “I guess we now know the answer to the question, ‘Why the long face?'”

You Don’t Choose The Cat; The Cat Chooses You – “Your husband is Beorn, you’re Gandalf, and you have ways of getting little hairy friends into the house.” Also, check out the comments on this one for lots of adorable kitty pics!

Two Can Play This Game, Lady – “[Customer #3], I’d like to talk to you about the NAR Avengers initiative…”

When There Isn’t A “Corporate” To Empower Them – “Oh, I bet OP was just tickled pink to see the back of that ‘customer’.”

Thanks To ADHD And The ADA, You’ve Been HAD – “Foot, meet Bullet.”

Phoning In This Whole Taking Ownership Thing – “A-hole problems require a-hole solutions.”

If You Wouldn’t Say It To Their Face, Don’t Say It Near Their Ears – “You speak Arabic?” “No, I only just spontaneously learned the language just to spite you.”

If You Can’t Be On Time, Be Obscenely Early – “Moral of the story: If you make people follow a stupid set of rules, then people are going to find loopholes.”

A Mono-Track Mind – “If you have two different strains of mono at the same time… does that make it stereo?”

Now That’s What You Call A Clap-Back – “Can this woman lead a seminar on how to be a manager?”


This Customer Has A Screeching Ignition – “Sometimes you just have to help karma a bit.”

Set That Red Flag On Fire – “In my heart, that crowning achievement was worth the extra $80.”

Snobbery Meets Buffoonery – “Yeah, you really don’t need Jet Set and Upper Crust as your regulars.”

OCD About BLT – “I am so glad you ‘found each other’, OP!”

This Manager Is NOT Messing Around – “Is the manager issuing a prime directive?”

Eerie But Effective – “I guess that lady got an eyeful for her earful.”

I Am Also Allergic To Inept Nurses – “I don’t normally advocate punching health professionals in the mouth but…”

Take Care Of Your Partner. Period. – “Wow… amazing what happens when people teach boys about periods.”

He Officially Wins At Excuses – “I think the problem was quite ‘CLEAR!'”

And, finally, with a whopping 1,527 votes at the time of writing, here’s our number-one voted story of the year!

Everything’s Coming Up Sunflowers – “Negotiating your way through legal contracts can be a literal maize.”


We hope you enjoyed our Highest Voted of 2021 roundup! Want to send in your own story and try for next year’s list? Submit your story here!

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