Simple Coke For Simple Folk

| | Right | August 8, 2008

Customer: “Excuse me, miss, but what is in your black currant tea?”

Me: “Oh, it’s just black currant tea.”

Customer:¬†”But what’s in it?”

Me: “Dried black currant tea leaves.”

Customer: “But what’s in it?”

Me: “Black. Currant. Tea.”

Customer: “But you aren’t telling me what’s in it!”

Me:¬†”Ma’am, the tea distributors pluck leaves from a black currant plant. Then, they dry them out, and package them. Then, we pour hot water over the tea leaves, which infuses the hot water with the flavor of the tea.”

Customer: “But what’s in it?”

(My boss comes over.)

Boss:¬†”Ma’am, would you like a Coke?”

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