Shifting Excuses

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(Two of my employees come to me during a shift.)

Employee #1: “Hey, boss. [Employee #2] and I want to switch shifts on Tuesday.”

Me: “That looks like it will be fine; I’ll sign off on it.”

(The next Tuesday, [Employee #1] comes in for her switched shift. [Employee #2] doesn’t show up when his switched shift starts. His supervisor calls, and I get a note asking me to handle the write-up.)

Me: “You’ve had numerous tardy clock-ins, and you missed a shift.”

Employee #2: “I didn’t!”

Me: “Yes, you did. On Tuesday, you didn’t show up for the 4:00 to 11:00 shift.”

Employee #2: “That wasn’t my shift, though! That was [Employee #1]’s shift!”

Me: “You traded with her. I was the one who signed off on it.”

Employee #2: “Right! It was her shift! I can’t get written up for missing someone else’s shift! She should get in trouble!”

Me: “Ooooookay. You didn’t come in for your original morning shift, either.”

Employee #2: “Nah, [Employee #1] covered it, remember? You signed off on it.”

Me: “You know what? We aren’t doing this. You’re in trouble. Final write-up. You miss one more shift and you will be terminated. You are no longer allowed to switch shifts, because you obviously can’t be trusted with the responsibility.”

Employee #2: “Whoa. I didn’t think you’d buy that excuse, but there’s no reason to be like that!”

Me: “Get out of my office before I find another reason to write you up.”

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