She Has Plenty Of Gas In The Opinion-Tank

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I am a manager working with some inventory in the back when a coworker walks up and says I need to speak with a customer about an order.

Me: “What seems to be the problem, ma’am?”

Customer: “I came in and ordered food here this morning and they forgot one of my sandwiches.”

Me: “Can I see the receipt, ma’am, and can you tell me what sandwich was missing?”

Customer: “Sure.”

She hands me a receipt that shows she ordered over fifty dollars’ worth of food and they missed one of her seven sandwiches.

Me: “All right, would you like me to replace the sandwich now, refund you for the sandwich, or put you down for a free sandwich some other time convenient for you?”

We keep a book of missing items with customer names and what they were missing, and they can come back later and we’ll replace what is in the book for them.

Customer: “I had to go through a lot of trouble since I was missing a sandwich. I want the whole order replaced and a full refund; plus, I live far away so I expect you to pay for my gas, as well.”

Me: “Ma’am, I can only refund or replace the one sandwich you were missing. At best, I can give you a cookie for your trouble.”

Customer: “That’s unacceptable. I live thirty minutes away and should be compensated for my gas, as well. And I want the idiot girls who handled my order fired and anyone who handled my food fired.”

She goes on to explain to me, a young eighteen-year-old, that every one of the younger generation are idiots and lazy and we MUST fire them all now. This goes on for over ten minutes as I try to talk some sense into this lady.

Eventually, she leaves with a sandwich and a cookie and grumbles that we will hear from corporate about this. Afterward, the coworker who originally came to get me walks up. 

Coworker: “I am honestly impressed that you were able to keep your cool and talk civilly to that lady! I only talked to her for thirty seconds and I wanted to strangle her.”

Me: “Yeah, I kind of wanted to strangle her, too, but unfortunately, that’s not allowed.”

The owner told me that she did file a complaint to corporate, but that she was basically laughed off, especially when they heard she wanted gas money from them.

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