Sex Life Is On Fire But Gets You Fired

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(I’ve been working in a store for a little over a year. We recently hired a new employee. His work ethic is bad on a good day and non-existent on a bad day. About a week after he starts working, he starts dating a girl and spends all day on the phone with her. This exchange happens while we have a line of customers. My coworker is not bothering to keep his voice down while talking to his girlfriend on the phone.)

Coworker: “Oh, yeah? That’s really hot. And then what would you do to me?”

(My current customer and I turn to look at him; he and all the other customers are looking very uncomfortable about overhearing this)

Me: “[Coworker], you need to put your phone down and help with these customers; this sounds like a private conversation, anyway.”

Coworker: *holds up a finger to silence me* “Oh, yeah, baby. That’s so hot.”

Me: “Put it away now, or I get the boss involved.”

Coworker: *glares angrily at me but carries on dirty-talking his girlfriend*

Me: “That’s it. I’m calling the—”

(A customer walks behind the counter, grabs the phone out of his hands, and says this into the phone.)

Customer: “Your boyfriend will call you later; he’s at work right now.”

(He then took the phone to the door and hurled it as hard as he could into the parking lot. Everyone in the store laughed at the employee, and he was fired that same day.)

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