Serving Him Salad, Dressing On The Side

, , , | Right | October 26, 2019

(I work at a restaurant with a specific animal mascot. One day each year, we have an event where if you dress up as our mascot, you receive free food. A family has come in with several children, including a boy about ten years old. Said boy is wearing a normal shirt and pants, and a vest and headband for his costume.)

Boy: *to me, after I take his order* “May I undress?”

Me: “Absolutely not.”

(After a moment of thought, I realized that he had an accent, so English might not be his first language, and he might be really asking about his costume. I clarified that yes, he could take off his costume, but no, he could not take off the rest. To their credit, his parents were horrified by his question.)

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