Putting The “Vice” Into Vice-Principal

, , , , | Learning | September 25, 2017

My school has us all buy laptops for everyone to do work both in school and at home, using one big network. We are also each given an email account, and so are all the staff.

I am looking through my school email and I see my newest message, sent to me by the vice-principal. The subject is, and I quote, “eat da poo poo,” and the only text is important dates for workers. There is an attached picture, which I can’t make out at first, but I soon open it and discover it to be male genitalia.

The next day of school, all anyone can talk about is this email, and the school has an entire assembly and sends out emails to both the students and their parents apologizing, and telling us about how someone hacked into the email and sent it. However, knowing the vice-principal, they probably sent out a joke email and accidentally clicked “send to all.”

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