A Bit Slow To Realize

, , , , | Learning | September 25, 2017

(I am a very clumsy individual, and therefore fall down a lot. Since I fall so frequently, no one really pays attention to my trips, but I’ve had some really epic ones. I am walking down a flight of stairs, and I trip at the top. I proceed to have the slowest fall of my life. Everything is in slow motion as I roll down a flight of stairs. I reach out for the railing or people’s ankles, but everyone is just out of reach. Everyone stops and stares at me as I fall down. It isn’t until I am all the way on the ground level, laying on my back, that people realize that I wasn’t faking it.)

Random Student: “That was real?”

Me: “Yes, it was. Why would I fake falling down a flight of stairs?”

Random Student: “You just fell so slowly!”

(Hopefully, next time I fall down a flight of stairs, it’s not so slow, so I get help! I was all right, but was sore for a few days.)

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