Peppered With Inaccuracies

, , , , | Right | February 13, 2019

(My sister and I both work at a 99-cent-only store and my sister is working the morning shift. She’s a cashier so she deals with a lot more customers than I do. The way that the register is set up allows the customers to see the prices pop up on the screen as the items are scanned. For produce you need to punch in a code and weigh the item or enter the quantity. For some of the items, we put four produce items in a bag — in this case bell peppers — and they sell for a dollar. Individual bell peppers are two for a dollar.)

Sister: *ringing up a lady, enters the code for the bagged peppers which comes up to a dollar*

Customer: “Wait, no, no. That should be two for a dollar.”

Sister: “Oh, I’m sorry, but only individual bell peppers are two for a dollar. Our pre-bagged produce is a dollar.”

Customer: “No! There’s a sign over the bell peppers that says two for 99 cents!”

Sister: *being as calm as possible despite how annoyed she was* “I’m sorry, but that’s only for individual bell peppers. All of our produce that is in these green mesh bags cost a dollar.”

(The customer, of course, keeps insisting that she is right and is demanding the “correct price.” My sister is just about ready to call for a manager but instead calls our produce lead over who then explains to the woman the EXACT same thing. I’m unsure of how it all ended but the woman that came after the woman who screamed at my sister for “being wrong” was just flabbergasted.)

Customer #2: “Jesus Christ.”

Sister: “Yep.”

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