One Dollar Per Comeback  

, , , , , | Right | October 25, 2019

(My friend and I are checking out a recently-opened antique and collectibles stores. My friend is rather, shall we say, forceful, and doesn’t like to pay full price for anything. She has asked the owner a number of questions about various items in her normal brusque manner, and then she spots a display of little collectible toy cars.)

Friend: “How much are these?”

Owner: “[Price].”

Friend: “You can get these for a buck at the dollar store.”

Owner: “Not this old, and not in the original packaging. You can’t even get the new ones for that price.”

Friend: “Yes, you can.”

Owner: “You really can’t.”

Friend: “I’ll go buy one and bring it back here and show you.”

Owner: “You do that.”

(He wanders off at that point and we go on looking around the store. As we’re passing by the owner on our way out:)

Friend: “Where do you get all this stuff?”

Owner: *muttering and oozing sarcasm* “At the dollar store.”

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