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Not Always Right Takes No Responsibility For This Stupidity

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I work in a bar and restaurant. It is midnight, four days before Christmas. The phone rings.

Me: “Hello, [Restaurant], how can I help?”

Woman: “I want to book a Christmas party for twenty people.”

Me: “I’m sorry to say that our restaurant is fully booked until the twenty-eighth of December.”

Woman: *Ignoring me* “I have the menu in front of me. Can you tell me about the vegan options? The [dish] says it’s vegetarian, but can you tell me why it’s not vegan?”

Me: “Unfortunately, I can’t. The kitchen closed three hours ago, at nine. Only the bar staff are here and they are not qualified to answer those questions.”

Woman: “But your website says you are open until midnight.”

Me: “Yes, we are, and we close in five minutes.”

Woman: “Can you tell me more about the menu?”

The woman rambles for a few minutes, and I don’t want to hang up on her in case she does want to book a party for after Christmas.

Then, suddenly, she drops this gem.

Woman: “Is it midnight yet?”

Me: “Yes, we are now closed.”

Woman: “I’ll let you go then. I bet you’re really happy that I called you. I saw this thing on NotAlwaysRight.com about someone phoning before closing so the person got to go on time. I’ve kept you busy! Haven’t I?”

I’m gobsmacked as I turn to all of my other colleagues rushed off their feet and starting our closing duties.

Me: “It doesn’t really work that way for a bar.”

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