No Sugar Coating This Attitude

, , , , | Right | April 9, 2019

(I work at a little coffee shop and have lots of regulars that all staff are on a first-name basis with. In early December, half an hour before closing — the shop goes dead after about 3:00 usually — a couple walks in and orders their drinks. I’m sent off to serve their drinks: a tea and a coffee; the coffee is without sugar. The policy for the shop is two sugar sticks per drink unless they ask for more. So, I give them their drinks, when…)

Male Customer: “We’re going to need more than that.”

Me: *confused* “Of what, sir?”

Male Customer: *aggressively points at sugar sticks* “More sugar! Lots more!”

(I go to get more sugar, bearing in mind most customers who want more sugar only want one or two more, but I take four more, just in case. I hand them the sugar and…)

Me: “Here you go, sir!”

Male Customer: “No! No! No! We’re going to need at least double this!”

(Bear in mind they’ve had six sugars for this tea so far. After coming back with six more sugars:)

Me: “Terribly sorry, sir.”

Male Customer: “Yes, well, I did say a lot.”

(After they left, I was clearing the pots and the sugar residue left in the teacup was sludgy thick. If ever diabetes looked like a drink, I’m sure it was that tea.)

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