Driving Through The Minutes

, , , | Right | April 10, 2019

(I work at a local fast food chain on the drive-thru. An old lady drives up.)

Me: “Good morning! Was your order with a small coffee?”

Lady: “Yes!”

Me: “Your total will be [total].”

(I take her money and then give her a receipt. I hand her the food and notice there isn’t a cup of coffee ready for her yet.)

Me: “I’ll have your coffee out in one moment, ma’am.”

(I sprint to the coffee maker and they have just started a new pot. This means we have no coffee ready yet. It will be three minutes before it is ready. Usually, people are okay to wait a few minutes, especially if they know it will be fresh. I walk back over to the window.)

Me: “Our coffee isn’t quite done brewing yet; it will be about three minutes. Is that okay?”

Lady: *now furious* “I am not sitting at this window for three minutes!”

Me: *apologetic* “I’m sorry, ma’am.”

Lady: *scoffs and looks ahead* “This is ridiculous!” *turns back to me* “I paid for that, you know!”

(I am just about to ask if she wants a refund or something else to drink in return for no charge, but she speeds away. My manager and everyone else in the drive-thru look at me in bewilderment. I don’t get a chance to say anything before the next person drives up. I do my routine and finish up with the rest of the customers, holding back everything I can to avoid bursting into tears. When the line goes away I explain to them what happened.)

Me: “She got mad about waiting for her coffee so she yelled at me and sped off.”

Manager: “She could have gotten a refund.”

Me: *shrugs*

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