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No Soup For You! Part 7

, , , , | Right | January 5, 2023

I work at a Tex-Mex place.

Customer: “I’m on a liquid diet. What can I eat?”

Me: “We have tortilla soup?”

Customer: “No, I can’t have that because there are solids in the soup.”

Me: “We could offer you just the broth?”

Customer: “No, I don’t want that. Get me the bowl of queso and some chips for it.”

I bring out her order and she is talking with her friends.

Customer: “I’ve been doing this liquid diet for weeks, and I don’t understand why I’m not losing any weight!”

She ate her whole bowl of queso with tons of chips. It had to have been at least 1,500 calories, probably more. But she couldn’t have soup because there were solids in the soup.

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