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Mommy Sincerest

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(I’m in a dressing room when I overhear a mother a few rooms down having this conversation with her two children she has brought in with her. She’s adding up aloud how much her items will cost.)

Mom: $57…$64…”

Child #1: “Uh-oh, Mommy! Daddy said your limit was 50 dollars! That is more than 50 dollars!”

Child #2: “Yeah, Daddy said you can’t spend any more than $50!”

Mom: “Well, you know what?! Since Daddy gets to go to work everyday and I’m stuck with you two, I can spend however much I want! So, you can tell Daddy that he can kiss Mommy’s fat a**! How about that?!”

Child #2: *giggles* “I can’t wait to tell Daddy that! You’re so funny, Mommy!”

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