Makes You Want To Curl Up And Cry

, , , , | Right | August 3, 2020

My roommate and I decide to splurge on a treat, so we go to a popular ice cream place known for little curls on the top of their ice cream. It’s a little, silly aesthetic thing, and I’ve never thought anything of it until this.

We’ve just stepped up to order when a woman in her forties bursts in and bypasses the line to demand attention. She sets two hot fudge sundaes on the counter.

Customer: “I just went through your drive-thru and my sundaes don’t have curls on them!”

After a moment, during which I can visibly see him deciding if she’s messing with him or not, the employee says:

Employee: “I’m sorry about that?”

Customer: “I want new sundaes!”

Employee: “Ma’am, they’re hot fudge sundaes. The curl probably melted.”

I glance at her food; indeed, the whole thing is a swirl of melted ice cream and cooled fudge, as it’s meant to be.

Customer: “I always get hot fudge sundaes and they always have curls!”

Employee: “I can make you a new one, but it’s hot fudge. It’s still going to melt.”

Customer: “No! They always have curls! Always!”

The employee gave up, agreed, and then fashioned her new sundaes with the hot fudge carefully poured around the ice cream rather than on top, aside from a few careful drips, probably so she wouldn’t whine about that, too.

The lady left with a few huffs about it “not being so hard” and my roommate and I shared a look with the employee before placing our order. While waiting at the counter, we relentlessly mocked the lady aloud, pitching our voices screechy and whiney, crying, “Why can’t you bend the laws of physics for me? It’s not that hard!”, “I don’t know how heat works,” and, “But they ALWAYS have curls!” I could see the employees trying to hide their grins, probably glad we were doing it for them because they were not allowed to mock customers like that.

Ever since, whenever we overhear someone making a stupid complaint, my roomie or I will look at the other, scrunch up our face, and say in the most whiney, screechy tone possible, “But they always have curls!” I don’t think we’ll ever stop mocking that lady.

Moral of the story: if you’re being rude and stupid in public, you’re probably going to become a running joke and be mocked in an awful voice until the end of time.

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